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How An Annual Calendar Can Help You Visualise Your Freelance Commitments

Time management is a challenge for freelancers. Juggling clients and projects simultaneously is one of the greatest battles you face when working for yourself.

And somehow you’ve got to factor in a personal life to ensure you stick to that work-life balance you crave for.

Freelancing is akin to holding down several jobs. Each client has their own priority and sometimes they require an urgent turnaround. To keep clients happy – especially your best clients – freelancers have to find a way to accommodate impromptu requests.

Those urgent demands can totally throw your schedule, plans and priorities askew.

Even the best time management skills can be a test for freelancers. What you really need is a time management planner like Yearful that enables you to scope an entire years worth of things to do on one page.

You will not believe how much easier it is to manage your time, projects and personal commitments when you can visualise your entire year at a glance.

The Beauty of Colour

In order to meet deadlines and your earnings targets, your entire week and month has to be scheduled tightly. That includes your private life.

If you don’t leave yourself enough time to complete all your work, you will not earn as much money as you want – or need.

As a freelancer, you will no doubt have multiple projects going on at the same time. Every job needs a time slot. Whilst your atypical wall calendar or computerised schedule is okay to map out time frames, none of these calendars have a colour scheme.

The capacity to block out chunks of your day in colour-coded patterns enables you to identify what needs doing on any given day.

Allocate each of your clients a different colour. That means if you have a difficult client, you immediately see you might be in for a rough day and can prepare yourself in advance.

e.g. take a double espresso instead of a regular Nescafe.

Feel free to add coffee breaks into Yearful too. There’s room for everything!

Don’t Forget To Schedule Non-Billable Tasks

Planning projects, drafting proposals, invoicing, blogging and any other non-billable duties you may have also need a time slot. And admin is time-consuming.

As boring and tiresome as it is, you simply cannot ignore administrative tasks as a freelancer. What’s more, admin tasks need to be placed in an order of priority.

Putting off administrative tasks can leave you pushed for time elsewhere. Subsequently, you put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Whether you prefer to do all your admin in one day or as and when needed, use the customisable colour codes in Yearful to reserve a time slot.

Yearful also makes it easy to undo/redo calendar entries so when you do find yourself reprioritising work, reorganising your schedule is straightforward.

What’s more, when projects cross months, you don’t have to flick from one screen to another – it’s all there laid out perfectly in front of you.

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