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How To Get Your Family Organised

Any parent that has experience of rearing a young family will know the challenges of organising the gang.

I also know wives that have disorganised husbands have an even more difficult time. (I know this because my wife tells her friends how lucky she is!)

Today we live such hectic lifestyles. It seems as though there is always somewhere to go and something to do. Keeping up with a packed schedule is impossible without a calendar.

I would even hazard a guess that organising your family with a traditional calendar throws up no end of challenges. Something has to give. At some point, other members of the family need to take responsibility for themselves.

Colour-Coded Calendars

As your children grow up, it’s natural to teach them how to organise their daily and weekly routines. The best way to do this is to start with a ‘Control Centre’ – a schedule pinned to the fridge.

You know that everyone will see it if it’s on the fridge!

The Control Centre should ideally be visual so your family members can see what they are doing that day and week at a glance. Assign each member of your family a colour.

You will find that a colour-coded calendar helps children become independent and start taking responsibility for themselves. You can even colour code specific activities, tasks and appointments so your planner is even easier to read.

A colourful Control Centre also informs the entire family what other members are doing that day – so reminds them to say good luck or another appropriate send-off!

Planning Ahead

Parents with school-aged children have to plan around term time and national holidays. This can often mean taking time off work, booking holidays or arranging childcare for the little ones.

To plan successfully obviously requires having access to a yearly calendar or diary. The problem most people find with traditional time records is that your schedule is scattered across several pages.

It’s quite remarkable how quickly time passes. What’s more, how often do you forget about something you planned ahead for because it was on another page?

How annoying is that? And let’s not even talk about the panic that sets in.

What you need is a planner that gives you the ability to see an overview of the entire year on one page. With Yearful, you can arrange an entire year’s schedule for the whole family with ease.

The drag and drop options make it easy to rearrange the schedule too – ideal for the untimely teacher training days and changes of plan! What’s more, you can share with everyone on multiple platforms. Download Yearful to your phone, a computer or print it off and stick it on the fridge.

You can print off weekly schedules, monthly or the entire year. And with a multi-faceted palette of colours on show, imagine how attractive your fridge will look!

If you need help organising your family, Yearful provides a solution that enables them to start organising themselves – and you will still know exactly what they are doing. Well, sometimes.

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