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Sh*t. So where did 2018 go?

Like most would-be bloggers, I had the best intentions of regularly posting cool updates that would go viral and set Yearful up as the next tech unicorn. (Yeah right.)

It’s not like I can blame it on major technical outages or catastrophic world events. Other stuff just kinda got in the way and it got pushed down the priority list until it got forgotten. So apologies folks for the dearth of witty, insightful content last year. I can’t promise this year’s going to be any better, but I shall give it a try. (This post is already a 50% increase – Woo hoo!)

I can see that a good number of Yearful users are already busy planning for 2019. Not surprisingly, the end of December and start of the new year is when most people tend to focus on their plans and goals for the coming year.

Here’s a novel idea from podcaster, author, entrepreneur and tech startup investor Tim Ferriss:

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions & goals, conduct a “Past Year Review” (PYR). In a nutshell, this involves looking at your calendar for the past year and identifying which of your events/activities/commitments were positive and those that were negative. Then for the new year schedule in more of the positive stuff and leave out the negative. Simple eh?

Here’s a process that might help you do a PYR quickly in Yearful:

Make a copy of your calendar using the clone function, then rename it to something like “PYR [calendar name]” so you can differentiate it from your original. Then bring up your list of categories (burger icon) and then classify all your categories as either positive or negative by changing the colours to either one that represents good stuff and one that represents the not-so-good.

For example, if your first category was something was positive change it to a happy yellow (2nd colour in the standard Yearful palette); or if you now judge it to be a negative type of event change the colour to a moody dark pink (9th colour in the standard Yearful palette).

Keep changing all your category colours until their either yellows (positive) or dark pinks (negative) and save the changes. You’ll now have a good visual representation of where your good and not-so-good stuff was distrubuted throughout the calendar. And you can sum the yearly totals of each to get the actual numbers.

Find out more about Tim’s “Past Year Review” method on his blog https://tim.blog/2018/12/28/past-year-review/

Hmmmmm… maybe this could be the start of a new feature…

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