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What Are Personal Planning Tools And How Can They Help?

An organised schedule helps you to organise your mind.

Yes, I know that sounds cliché but that because it’s true – otherwise people wouldn’t say it would they.

If your time management skills need tightening up, or if your head goes into a spin every time you have to plan a long-term project, you need a personal planner that capture a 12-month stint in beautiful technicolour.

You will not believe how easy it is to organise a year’s worth of high-level planning with a colour-coded personal planner!

If Yearful doesn’t make you freakishly productive, nothing will.

What is a Personal Planner?

To be honest, the answer to that question is in the name. I’ve just put this title in for SEO purposes – so blame Google.

But for clarity’s sake, a personal planner is a time management tool that enables you to organise your life. And your mind.

The best planners give you a precise hourly insight into your day, an overview of the week, and a snapshot of the month.

However, the very best personal planners capture an entire year’s worth of appointments, goals, targets, meetings, and holiday time (yaay) for the whole year. In colour.

With a Yearful personal planner you can create a master list of everything you need to schedule. This list then becomes the core of your time-planning system from where you can mastermind individual tasks to various months, weeks and days.

Did I mention how easy it is to manage your time when you have a technicolour snapshot of the entire year?

Ahh, yes I did – but it is worth mentioning again.

Technicolour calendars – imagine!

The Benefits of Personal Planners

Being able to see an overview of the entire year mapped out in front of you has several benefits – not too dissimilar to an at-a-glance list of bullet points really:

  • Organise an entire schedule of things to do and places to be (in customisable colour-coded categories)
  • Ensure you don’t double book
  • Enables you to set annual targets
  • You don’t have to flick from one month to the next (you already know how annoying that is)
  • Plan workloads and deadlines efficiently
  • Highlight billable hours when doing client work
  • Record holiday time
  • Identify gaps in the staff schedule
  • Compare past, present and future calendars
  • Share your personal planner with friends and colleagues

Planning Psychology

Positive psychology theory reveals that emotions and actions follow thought. That means it’s possible to spiral into a panic when you contemplate all the things you need to do.

What happens in these moments is you forget there is ample time to do everything listed in your schedule. However, because you can’t see the future mapped out in front of you, your mind feels overwhelmed.

Enter chaos.

Personal planners, on the other hand, enable you to easily visualise the entire year. So breathe, relax and organise your thoughts.

Plan For Success

The French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

In essence, planning your personal and professional schedule in one place helps you to align your thoughts and actions towards meeting your goals.

Countless studies in the field of neuroscience prove this. Experts say writing down your goals and planning a timetable increases your chances of success.

Time is a valuable resource money cannot buy. High-level planning, on the other hand, gives you the platform to enjoy quality time. Can you afford not to have a personal planner that gives you an overview of an entire year?

Thought not!

Breeze through the year with Yearful and avoid the whirlwind in head that long-term planning gives you. I hate that!

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