Application Features

Login with your Google/Facebook account or sign up with email addressYes
Initial period limit to try Premium featuresYes
Date Grid with multiple years (past, present & future)Yes
Click & drag to select date rangesYes
Zoom in & out of gridYes
Undo/redo updates to the calendar gridYes
See totals of assigned to categories by month & yearYes
Current day indicatorYes
Reverse order of monthsYes
Ability to exclude weekends & bank holidays from range selectionYes
National holidays for UK, US, AUS, NZ, CA, FRYes
Define multiple categories for date rangesYes
Edit/delete categoriesYes
Multiple categories per date cellYes
Option to select date grid in half days or full daysYes
Customisable coloursYes
Multiple tabbed calendar grids per yearYes
Edit/delete calendar tabsYes
Make copies of calendar tabsYes
Share calendar with friendsYes
Revoke shared accessYes