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Yearful is currently Free to use

We're a small part-time team and completely self-funded, so unfortunately we don't have the budget to add all the improvements we'd like to see.

If you find Yearful useful and would like to contribute to its maintenance and development please make a payment of your choosing.

We can then ensure the service keeps running and prioritise bug fixes and new features according to demand.

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New Features

# Feature Estimate
F1 Native Android app XXL
F2 Native IOs app XXL
F3 Ability to apportion categories as fractions of a day e.g. a day with 4 categories would assign 0.25 of the day to each category M
F4 Selectively hide/show categories on the calendar grid M
F5 Show week numbers on calendar S
F6 Ability to overlay different calendars M
F7 Ability to sort categories/totals S
F8 Integration with Zapier/IFTTT XL
F9 Recurring events and/or copy calendars to another year M
F10 Ability to import the events from a calendar file M
F11 Rolling 12 month view M
F12 Google calendar sync XL
F13 Alternative calendar styles M


# Issue Estimate
D1 Sharees unable to add multiple categories M
D2 Cloned calendars do not display categories until page is refreshed S

Pay now to support Yearful