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Can I turn off the holiday dates? As my country is not listed.

Yes, of course. In the settings menu (cog icon), select the “Holidays” menu option, then click “None”.

Is there any way to select less than one whole day for a category?

There sure is. In the settings menu (cog icon) you can opt to select in units of half-days.

Can I get hyperlinks in my calendar cell comments?

Yes, you can! Urls in your comments will automatically be converted into hyperlinks.

When I signed up using the email option, should I have received a confirmation email from you?

If you signed up using email then yes, you should have received an email from Yearful containing a confirmation link. If you don’t see it in your inbox after 5 minutes then check your spam folder as sometimes it gets directed there. If you are still missing it then get in touch for support.

What is the current status of Yearful?

We’re still pretty much in “startup” mode, trying to build a sustainable user base and learning from our customers. The Yearful team is made up from IT and Digital professionals, but it’s currently still a “side-project”, and so we’re improving service and features as quickly as our available time allows.

How long will Yearful remain free to use?

At the moment, all the development and hosting is self-funded. We won’t be able to do this forever so we’ll need to monetise the service in some form eventually.

Is there a Yearful Android/iOS app available?

Yearful is currently a web-only application that runs in your browser. It’s a “responsive” app, so any device with a modern browser can access Yearful at https://app.yearful.io and it will re-size to fit your screen. Tip: you’ll find it easier to setup your calendars on the desktop version, then use the mobile version when you’re out and about and to make minor edits.

When will a native Android/iOS be available?

There are plans for native apps eventually… Possibly this year. It’s still quite early days for us – we’re still in “startup” mode and learning as we go. We’re self-funded – so don’t have piles of venture capital cash to burn – Native apps will be a big investment for us so we’re not jumping in straight away.

Can I export my Yearful data?

At present we don’t have a user feature for exporting data. You can currently print to PDF to give you snapshot of your calendar view. If you require an export of your data please contact us to request this.

Can I delete my Yearful account?

Yes, you can send us a request to delete your account and data from your account/profile page. We’ll be sorry to see you go [sniff].

Can I suggest new features that I would like to see in Yearful?

Yes! Please do. We’re always pleased to receive any user feedback. Do get in touch anytime, using the contact form or from the “Feedback/bug report” in the help menu in the app. You will normally have a response within 24 hours.

Am I permitted to put Yearful calendars on my website?

Sure, why not? Probably the best way to accomplish this at present would be to use the PDF print output and take a screenshot of this. N.B. There is a plugin/embedded calendar feature on the development roadmap, which we’ll implement if there’s enough demand.

Do my friends/family need to sign up to Yearful if I want to share my calendar?

No, it’s not mandatory. You can send read-only link to anyone. Or, if you want to have more control, you can invite your contacts by email and select the level of access they should have. If your contact(s) do happen to be Yearful users they’ll see your calendar in their list too.

Can I create recurring events in Yearful?

No, this isn’t a feature we’ve implemented. However, we may introduce the ability to copy events to other years.

Why aren’t holiday dates for my country available in Yearful?

It’s currently a time-consuming process for us to add holiday dates. Hence, we only started with the “Anglo” countries (UK, US, AUS, NZ, CA) and recently added France. But we’ll happily add more if there’s demand. Just let us know.

Are there any positions available at Yearful?

No, not at the moment. But sometime in the future hopefully.

Why can’t I add descriptions and times to my Yearful events?

Yearful is intended to be used as a high-level planner or retrospective calendar visualisation tool. The aim is to keep it simple and display only the different categories – although, you can add multiple comments to a date cell. It’s best used in conjunction with your existing calendar app (e.g. Outlook or Google Calendar) for your detailed planning.

Can I use Yearful without an internet connection?

Unfortunately not. Yearful is a web application and so needs to be online to work.

Can I sync with other calendar apps like Outlook, Google Calendar

Currently, it’s not possible to sync your Yearful calendars with third party calendar apps like Outlook or Google Calendar. It is a possible feature for future development if there is adequate demand.

Does Yearful work with Zapier or IFTTT?

At present, No. But again, if there is demand for this we can prioritise this feature to integrate our APIs with IFTTT and Zapier